Smart Heart Dog Food Gold Mother & Baby 7.5KG (Offer)

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Smart Heart Adult Dog Wet Food Chicken & Liver 400gm Free

Smart Heart Gold

Mother & Baby Dog Food

Mother Dog and Baby Dog from weaning to 3 months

When it comes to the cares of pregnancy and baby dogs; Nutrition is very important. SmartHeart GOLD® Mother & Baby Dog offer high quality diet with high level of protein, rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Smart Heart GOLD® Mother & Baby Dog is formulated specially for mother dog during pregnancy and lactation period, and also for baby dog aged less than 3 months. This formula also contains unique prebiotic mixture; MOS, FOS, and GOS, which help support natural immune system to make their Birth and Growth stage go perfectly.

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Essential Benefits

High Quality Protein :
High quality protein for support gestation and increase mother’s milk, and enhance puppy growth.

Natural Defenses :
Prebiotic mixture, GOS which are naturally-occurring oligosaccharides in mother’s milk supplemented with FOS & MOS for supports digestive and immune system strength and overall well-being.

Water Absorption :
Kibbles can be easily soaked, when mixing them with milk or lukewarm water.

Mobility and Brain Function Support :
DHA from fish oil promotes functions development of the brain, nervous system, visual function, and improve mobility.

Healthy Bones & Teeth :
Balanced Calcium and Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.

Healthy Digestion :
Optimum levels of Fiber for a healthy stool quality.

Healthy Skin and Coat :
Balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.


Dog Can

Made From Real Meat
A great taste for your dogs
Complete and balanced nutrition for your dogs

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