SaniCat Bentonite Cat Litter Kitty Friend Unscent 10Litter

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SANICAT KITTY FRIEND CLUMPING UNSCE CAT LITTERThe main advantage of clumping litters is their easy cleanup. Bentonite is an absorbent clay that turns liquid waste into solid clumps that are incredibly easy to remove from the litter box, leaving the rest of the litter in perfect condition.

  • Brand – Sanicat
  • Categories – Cat Litter


Recommendations for use:
– thoroughly clean the cat’s toilet before the first use of the filler (do not use detergents containing ammonia);
– then pour the filler in a layer 5 cm thick;
– make sure that the cat toilet is always filled with a fresh layer of filler;
– remove contaminated parts of the filler or, if necessary, change the entire litter entirely.

Do not dispose of used filler into the sewer system.

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